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Worker's Comp Testimonial

Our client, Laura R., talks about her experience with GHWorkLaw:

(Translated from Spanish) "I had other lawyers, but I didn't feel comfortable. There was a lack of communication and every time I communicated with someone, they were different people. That's why I switched to Henderson. So, from my first interview, I noticed the difference in how it was conducted, I really felt like I had a case, and I liked it because they explained all the details from the beginning about how the procedure would be. Whenever I asked for updates on my situation, I got responses.

I'm happy because whenever I had exams, they always, always gave me the information and directions: 'You're going to go here and for this long'.

I'm very thankful to Silvia, with whom I was always in contact because I always got the information and everything I asked her for, she always, always answered me, always answered my calls and my messages. When I wanted to communicate with the lawyer and wanted to know how my case was progressing, I always got answers. Likewise, when they asked me for reports at the clinic or things like that, I was always attended to.

I am very happy and satisfied with my process. At the company where I worked, they made me feel like I was lying. But thanks to the exams that were done, exams never lie, and there, exactly what I had came out, and I felt very clear support from Henderson."

Watch the video (In Spanish):


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